The summer is magic

The end is not even close. What is close is the new beginning. The sun shines at full power. The sound of the city is louder. No clouds, nobody inside. World smiles. The summer is magic. And it is just the beginning. Birds and roses in a secret garden. Cycle of life re-starts. Hearts feel warm, land feels worms. Serendipity. It is a lighter time. Sun shines at full power. The sound of the city is louder. No tears, no fears. Life sings. The summer is magic.

A little girl in a flower dress. Cute guys and their beauuuutiful tent. Everyone is gorgeous. Take the dusty off my sun glasses. It is charming summer time after a while. No fights, no black and white. The sky is brightly blue. Trees are amazingly green. The atmosphere is all yellow. And it is just the beginning. The summer is magic. Birds and roses in my garden. Wash your hair and feel it wet. Sweat. It is flipflops season. It is jusssst the be-gin-ning!

The summer IS magic, isn't it? Even better after a dark-cold-lonely winter. Cycle starts again, once more. And it is wonderful. It is perfect. The sound of the city is louder. No clouds, loose clothes. Lively colours, lively smiles. Life sings her most exciting song. Everything is poetry, music, art.

La la la la. The summer is magic. Even more after a grey winter. Days are lighter, brighter, louder. And it is just the beginning. Let's buy a pint, a chilled rose wine. Let's go around and enjoy summer smily time. A park, a barbecue, a garden, do not go inside. Summer is magic. The city smiles. World sings. Streets are catwalks. Everyone is gorgeous.

Birds and roses and smiles and colours. No clouds, nobody inside. It is time to celebrate. The summer is magic and it is just the be-gin-ning!


Sat Nam :)

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